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A Team Master's Caskets and Vaults
Phone: 800-595-1313


Quick link to browse and to purchase caskets online on our Selections page offering our most popular caskets, however if you have seen another - ask -
we can offer it as well, for a lot less! Delivered all USA.

Want a Price Quote on a specific custom casket? Please consider having us help with your special arrangements. A Team Masters offers savings on Pet caskets, pet urns, pet headstones or Pet memorials. If you wish to home make your Pet casket click here.

By visiting this page, you can see some examples. Anything can be incorporated into the personalization of an urn, or perhaps you're looking for a unique, one of a kind, gift idea. We know you love your companion - offer our sympathy as well.

Too many to list here. Look to infant caskets link as well, as some caskets here are also for babies.
All sizes, which is your need? This doggie pet urn shown here, which has the roof looking like it has 'shingles' engraved, is made of polished bronze, at $225.00 in the shape of a dog house. 7" tall, 6x5" (wide)and holds approx. one 80 lb animal cremains. (or 60-80 cubic inches ash. A second model, whole house is brushed bronze - the roof being smooth, cost is $280.00 US Dollars and shipping to your zip code. If picture frame ordered, need 10 days added for that glue to dry, and added cost of $15.00. Two 'models' - both units in stock and ready to ship. - Or choose Wood *many types -
enlarge Octagon Series is available in 9" or 11" (9x9 or 18x18)lined in Velvet, with white lace and contains fluffy pillow for the bed. 'Simply Everlasting' pet caskets below..... made of rigid polyurethane SERIES - molded into a grain texture, provides both beauty and solid construction. These caskets are made of durable RPU construction, are everlasting, no vault needed, air tight and water resistant. Self sealing lid which provides an airtight fit. We also include a roll of sealing tape for added security around lid. Available in medium Oak Wood Grain look, with hunter green interior (or) White Wood Grain with a sky blue interior.
Available as an accessory, this hand crafted eggshell coverlet consists of a soft, flocked lining, cushioned center encircled by a fine crepe fabric. The cushion lies snugly in the casket and the attached flock liner is generously gathered to create a coverlet. Both the coverlet and accompanying pillow are trimmed in a delicate white lace.
AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING SIZES: 16"L X 8"W X 6"H (Without liner $115.00 with liner $150.00) / 20"L X 10"W X 8"H(10 to 20 LBs.) / 24"L X 12"W X 10"H (20 to 30 LBs.)/ 32"L X 16"W X 12"H =(40 to 60 LBs. pet), / 40"L X 15"W X 15"H (60 to 80 LBs.)

'Simply Everlasting'

Largest is 52"L X 22"W X 15"H (With liner $755.00 Without liner $620.00)holds 80 to 100 LB.

Please Scroll down to read Prices on the different sizes. With liner,(includes pillow and hand crafted egg shell coverlet - trimmed in lace. W/O is lining only of flocking.
See prices ABOVE for smallest pet casket, the 16"

The cost of shipping is added, depending on distance, method of shipping (ground, 2nd day, overnight, etc.)

The Simply Everlasting Pet casket. Durable, popular and at a price well worth the final good-bye for your loved Pet.

  • Priced at 20"L X 10"W X 8"H(10 to 20 LBs.)*$254.00 with liner, w/o $199.00
  • 24"L X 12"W X 10"H (20 to 30 LBs.)*$290.00 with liner - $240.00 without.
  • 32"L X 16"W X 12"H =(40 to 60 LBs.)*$310.00 with liner, $275.00 without.
  • 40"L X 15"W X 15"H (60 to 80 LBs.)*$415.00 with liner, $350.00 without.
  • *52" large dog casket (or other pet) prices are above. Also, if needed larger, can offer human youth caskets.

Call upon us at 800-595-1313 for all urns, caskets, or burial vault needs. The final animal (best friend) resting containers. (Note: Baby and pet caskets are interchangeable press release) Our staff will assist in your ordering any caskets, please call. If your dog, cat, horse or other dear pet has been cremated, ask what cubic inch receptacle you will need in an urn. Or, if earth burial, measure you pet (see baby caskets for these units Baby Tribute) lying curled up - and what is the weight, so we can know which size pet casket is needed. 17 inch, ($380.00) 24" (is $425.00 plus shipping), 33"($495.00) or 43 inch.
babe casketOr choose Deluxe Style~ #24 24" x 12" x 9" -- #32 32" x 16" x 11" -- #40 40" x 18" x 12" All units are constructed of strong, high-impact styrene. The design and special sealant restrict seepage of water and the intrusion of air. Inside demensions. bio urnDouble Wall Units  bio urn orbabe casket
A,(dignified smaller pet casket) B (bio-degradabel scattering urn) or C, (Babe casket, blue or pink, from $125.- $250.00 depending on size) Please let us know which unit. US and Canadian orders only. These are not all of the casket or urn choices available, please call or email to inquire of others, in other materials or budgets.


Please contact us by phone or email. Our Mailing address is 262 Shelton Blvd. Eastlake, Ohio 44095 (We ship Nation Wide all over the USA.) WE also offer all full size line of caskets, oversize caskets, and other funeral product at discounted prices as well. Lots of satisfied customers for kitty caskets, doggie coffins, and companion pet caskets of all size, budget and material types. All sizes of cats and then dogs, from Yorkies, to larger size dogs of Dobermans and Rottweiler, are buried in our caskets . Can ship overnight as needed, we quote shipping prior with order payment.
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