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A Team Master's Casket store's Mission Statement

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  1. Mission and Philosophy A Team Mastersm a division started in our then 20 year old firm in 1997, is selling their merchandise over the Internet and also by phone 800-595-1313 . Our mission is to provide the public with product for the burial service at costs far less then at funeral homes. To further educate the public about the choices they have in the purchasing of burial related merchandise. Also teaching them how to prevent some of the abuses that have been carried out in the past. We promise to save the customer a considerable amount of money which in turn -will gain A Team Masters - a solid reputation which will allow our firm to service a greater number of families.

    Our quality products will be delivered on time to any address of choice. Shopping here also saves Time & added Grief ( no pressure or guilt tactics or tricks to get anyone to purchase More or beyond their budget)
    Summary Due largely to the passage of landmark legislation from the FTC, which was meant to protect the consumer - the single source of suppliers to the public became obsolete in one sweep.. The emergence of Third Party Casket Stores have enveloped the death care industry. The difficulties a customer had been put through and the costs were masked until recently by the existing monopoly of casket and vault manufactures refusal to sell to firms other then the funeral homes. With the passage of the Funeral Rule & publication of free literature on consumer's rights - the public now have better expectations and are now able to shop for their needs. This development, as might be expected, has led to a new period of growth and openness in the establishment of both service and product providers in this business. A Team Master's is a strong Christian company with a needed services & quality product(s)~ operating On The Golden Rule. .

    Management and advertising will be the keys to effectively utilizing this different and more expansive environment. To devise new , less expensive & even less painful ( product has been sold in the past when the customer had no choice, with Guilt tactics )methods of shopping for the needed items for a burial. The management of this company has been in the forefront of this changing industry environment and has generally been regarded to have understood the industry in operating and marketing innovations. However, the process of informing the general public on this development of open shopping & less outlay for burial products , has a long way to go. Our firm is also a resource as a consumer guide on funeral arrangement purchases. A Consumer advocate as well. Check out the FROP (funeral rule offender's program - started in '96 by the FTC)very informative page here. By an aggressive ad campaign (see our sponsorship photo on FROP page)& keeping our name in front of the public, people will learn about how easily burial merchandise can be obtained for a much more reasonable cost.

    When A Team Masters delivers to any address of choice , the funeral rule protects the customer from any 'handling charges' or discrimination from the funeral home. Just professional service as purchased there.

    In the Past, the topic of death and the experiences of funerals and the associated costs, were seldom ever openly talked about. These facts of life and death are now being talked about freely, even the past abuse & experience. Often times, a person has spent $10,000 and better just to bury a loved one. A Team Masters has available an array of different product & services. Caskets, Urns, grave liners, and perhaps in the near future even turn 8 acres of property, into a cemetery. That would add another service that would be of a lot less cost then the present source ~ in both lots and opening and closing fees.

    Finally, Our baby boomer generation, is now becoming the senior citizens and therefore, becoming a large population that is needing and looking at these purchases.

  2. That population has been known to shop more and expect more and
A Team Masters is the ANSWER~! Please let us hear from you today, with any questions, needs or concerns.

Thank you for visiting, Betty Brown, CEO (Our division here started in 1997 out of our construction co, (which started in 1984) is fast growing into a largest part of our firm. We have also expanded - professional shopper services, grave liners, monuments and more. Adding a Crime Scene Cleanup division in 2003 )

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