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Frequently Asked Questions, (FAQ) about Funerals, Cemeteries & Burial, Cremation and Pre arrangement.
Also how to make the funeral inexpensive and more personal.

    Will the casket get there on time and in perfect condition?
Yes, we guarantee this.
    Will the funeral director accept this sale without hassle?
Back when we started casket retailing in 1998, this was a newer way of doing business so the person could arrange a cheaper funeral. Prices skyrocketed, and people found that they could indeed have a really nice funeral with choices.  The FTC has a "funeral rule" that it implemented to all the death care industry, and they enforce it as well. The following years have seen many mortuaries understanding people need freedom of choice, and they are upstanding about this. Some however, have started bad sales tactic, and will try to be bold in this. We recommend that if anyone tries to give you a hassle, you find another undertaker to do business with. The intent is to put the casket store out of business, and then, with no competition, their prices will skyrocket again. We give you our best price up front, and so should any ethical business. Our email is to the left, < asking us is a key. 
    What kind of bad sales practices are there? I understand the people in the funeral home are making a living, and are sales people too, not just there as funeral directors working for free. But, I know a lot is overpriced too.

Only a few to really watch out for. Selling their product in a "package" where the bundle includes things you might not need or wish, however includes the casket as well. Free isn't such a good deal - it is in there at a higher price. In fact, the FTC has in their Complying with the Funeral Rule to those in the funeral trade, "What about GPL and Pre-need Arrangements? You must give out a General Price List in all pre-need situations. Because you may sell different goods and services on a pre-need basis, your pre-need GPL may vary from the GPL you use in at-need situations. However, any General Price List that you use for pre-need arrangements must include all required disclosures and offer goods and services on an itemized basis. You cannot offer only package funerals to pre-need customers." --end quote- So, if it (funeral packages) are not such a great thing pre need, as FTC details, and they are forbidden, there are better options than those in house bundled package deals offered AT NEED as well.( Like la Carte, where unbundled, and only choose to purchase what YOU need from them, PLUS get the product outside of the parlor, at A Team Master's for far less). Or meeting the price, in a blink of an eye, discounting several hundred or a thousand off the price of a casket. Or saying *the family must be there to accept delivery of a casket. And the last, just recently, some have been telling the family that an oversize casket is needed, when no large casket is needed at all.
    What can I do to make sure I am not involved in any bad funeral sales tactics or being told untrue statements?
Ask to see the GPL (general price list) prior to allowing the mortuary to pick up the body. This is the FTC requirement anyway!
Research the parlor you are going to do business with. Please always check to see who the real owners are as well. If you are told any of the * above, ask to speak to the manager, or ask to see it in writing, and when they can not produce that, you know it is untrue. Understand your needs prior to calling upon the funeral director. Read all you can here about this purchase. The National Funeral Director's Assoc. puts out a phamlet that shows it is unethical to request a family be there for a delivery. It is also bad sales practice to haggle with someone about price, especially at this time in their life. We give you our best price up front, and so should they. If they are willing to discount it now, ask them to discount the service fees too, by as much, as now you wonder what else they are overcharging for? We double check everything with you, and all others involved, to make sure things are a smooth end result.  Please call to ask us questions if you are unsure. 
    I have read on the internet; "Years ago, the entire cost of a funeral was included in the price of a casket. Fearing competitive factors, in general, funeral directors kept their service fees lower than actual costs and casket prices higher to make up the differences." So what is up with that?

That reads like a sad state of affairs and not all true in saying the whole price was put on the casket.  Was the public being highly manipulated? Are they still today? The answer is yes, in both cases. And even worse - - sometimes there is double dipping, in the itemized general price sheet a mortician is required to hand out to the public. It should break the cost of things down - but sometimes over prices items still today. Our funeral consultant services are offered if needed. . The 'house' wins on the still too high fees, and on the still too high costs of the casket, from those who fail to become informed - or wish to shop.  But - because a family walks in their door - and this is a biggie, some funeral parlor sales people believe the ' complete sale' is always theirs. It is a business, like any other, but run much differently. Since the directors did and still do fear competition, those that are (as not all are so manipulative) finding unethical ways to prevent freedom of choice -  is wrong. Such a time in one's life sometimes takes the will to shop or save money out of the picture - and practiced closed sales persons know this. Yet, in readiness nowadays to loose some sales, some directors have stepped up their basic service fees quite a bit, but didn't lower the cost of the casket all that much, so that is a win / win for their house. People need to look at all details on that price sheet, and know how to read what they are looking at. A consumer should always get price quotes and make informed comparisons on all details and funeral arrangement items presented to them at a parlor, and the funeral director services as well. Worse yet, is when an undertaker tries to bad mouth the competition's product - which is laughable, if it were not so sad an occasion, as many times it is the same unit, just our price is often thousands less. If you run into any morticians that try to do this, or stop your freedom of choice, run! There are so many who are caring and professional, you do not need to take that from anyone. Funeral costs are too high for the family not to be involved in shopping services as well. Funeral planning is far better than at need purchases, but you are still not limited - just be informed.
    Do you accept life insurance policies as funeral payment or sell pre need?

Yes, insurance companies have paid us direct for payment of funeral product. Just like the director, there are requirements to go through. And yes, we have several plans to pre plan a funeral, or instruments to pre need your funeral arrangements. A Team Master's offers our product in all USA, and deliver to your funeral home of choice. There may be some restriction in selling pre need in your state, as all states are different, but we will look into this for you. All transactions are handled with care and by each state requirements, by professionals permitted to do so. We can assist in many ways - within a network. Since 1998, We have many Thank yous from so many past customers who were so pleased with our services. WE also refer several low cost funeral providers within our network.
    I am thinking about cremation, just because all of the other expense is so high. Although it is not what I really want, do you have any recommendations?
Well, yes. If you are not wanting cremation because you wish that funeral service, you can still have that. You can do a service at the church with or without the body present, and have the family arrange the details. Or let the funeral director take charge, and arrange one with embalming and full service. What it would save then, is the opening fee at the cemetery, the plot purchase and the headstone too. But if it is because you really would rather be buried is why you do not  want cremation, the best choice is to pre plan, and pre fund at your local bank, or with insurance.
Also, check with the city that you live in, some cemeteries have plans for low cost option burials or even free burials to those that qualify. The cemetery low cost option might be a "Random selection" where there are tiers of burials, a row opened in any given day, for the amount of burials purchased like that. Instead of regular fees, it is about 1/2, but the drawback is, the family can't be buried in a group together around this burial. However, if at any time in the future, this bothers a loved one, they can pay the costs to move the body, reburial is an option. With cremation, that could not happen. Pros and cons in all choices, contact us for more information. There are funeral services held at a church with an empty coffin as well, (no one the wiser) just one of many ways to have a meaningful gathering for the deceased last rites. Rental of caskets is often done. Funeral planning is the key.
    We thank you for savings this much on our funeral product. Now I am wondering; Are there ways in funeral shopping or funeral costs that  I can save other than just the price of the casket and vault that you can help us with? Do you offer other funeral help as well?

Yes, this added value "walk thru" on ways to assist in yet more savings, is part of what we provide when we sell you the funeral product. The savings are considerable!. Getting a funeral assistant or Funeral Consultant behind you really matters and is a consumer's guide to the Funeral Service the client wanted.  A Team Master's - call today at
800-595-1313 and let us know what it is you need or any questions. 

More questions? Why are funerals so expensive? See member of the  NCRA, see our FAQ pg, FuneralIndustry Watchdog
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