See the product, the price, the service and the many years of earned trust = then you'll know why our firm is recommended to more family and friends, daily, for all burial product and funeral needs.

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A Team Master's Caskets and Vaults
Phone: 800-595-1313


Our site is full of many pages of information and savings. Please take time to visit many pages to learn and save.
Please let us know what color exterior, material and color interior and price range you are looking for in a casket.
Please also let us know if this is pre plan or at need -
What state you will need it in as well.
Or if you have any added questions,
please use the form below for those too.

Or call A Team Master's Casket store all burial items direct to funeral home of choice

A Team Masters offers many styles of caskets, many materials,
at various prices. A full couch casket - meaning the lid is fully up
& the body is fully exposed. It matters only in preference, for the
purchase of flowers or what one has been used to seeing prior.
wood full couch coffin also available are inner foot panels to match ></DIV>For all burial needs, at             discount prices, USA made & all USA delivery <IMG  border=0             alt=Industry mini items.
All below are about SOLD OUT!! Call me case by case needs to see - and for price, as they have increased somewhat due to lack of supply.desktop tombstones We also carry industry related product and items. more on ><IMG  border=0 alt=
></DIV>Custom tombstones, above             Ripley's Believe it or NOT!<IMG  border=0 alt=Tombstone Votives, Murder Mystery Murdermysteries >             <HR>            <P>Also, other desk top choices <A             href=
for smaller 4" coffins, custom logo inside and out, by the case only!
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