For a limited time (perhaps) , I am placing this information on the web, thinking it is the fastest way to gain information for our needs, and to share our information with others who wish it.
Our much loved Bob died over three years ago now. It was his and our family wish to start a family cemetery. This page is to see or find out if anyone can offer any ideas or details on how to make this happen,easier and faster. This would be a Green burial type family cemetery, where natural flowers thrive and no treated landscape needed. We have, with our lawyer, gone before zoning in Painesville township, Ohio to get this done. The zoning denied it, we have appealed that decision as in error. The case was taken  before the 11th appellate judges, and again, it was denied. There are 39 ac there, and we only wanted a few, so much for Free America. In the middle of nowhere........... 

The 4 ac that we wish to turn into a family cemetery was denied, and then I was told the Surpreme Court would be the last step, and not much of a chance of it even being heard.  If you have any knowledge or ideas on how to assist, please email at for further details, or your phone number if you think you can assist. Green burials are simply another alternative for families - that one should be permitted to have. The environment of green burial grounds are kept as wild and as natural as possible.. Thank you so much, Betty Brown

Our family loss a very loving husband and father, grandfather just recently, [now 9 yrs ago]   on May 20th, 2003 and as was his wishes, the family handled all the details of the funeral and no funeral director embalmed nor touched his body. No strangers handled any details or took care of his last needs. We had his funeral in our church, but a home funeral is what he wanted. There was hardly enough room for the attendance, a large church w/standing room only, breaking all attendance records there as well.

The service was at our church - details of it as well in the document
 if others wish to know how it is done.
He had colon cancer dx in 11/02 and died 6 months later.
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Also information of colon cancer and much more.


 for more information, please email."

--Bob was an avid stock car diver for over 20 years. His goal was to beat this cancer and get back into his car. He lent it to his best friend for the 2003 season, and attended those races. George won all three races in his third time out with this car. Sadly, Bob died without reaching this goal of beating colon cancer. If you read the pdf format Tribute file above, you will see how we made a difference also at the hospital. They are now handling families with more care that know how to take charge of the body and arrange the funeral themselves. Our two sons sure didn't want to bury their Dad, but they say that they are glad they were able to do the dressing and moving their Dad to his final resting place - as it was what he wanted and that made it extra special.
Now it (was) our family's goal to have his final resting place in our own 32 ac, and were setting about to get this done, starting a family cemetery. However, now we will have to seek another resting spot, and are looking into this in the Lake County and surrounding areas. 

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Please offer us your comments on the Tribute to Bob, or if you have any ways to assist in our getting this done. Thank you for your time and input.
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