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Scene cleanup for tragic deaths

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Undertaker, funeral director, mortician are those names employed by funeral trades people that assist in funeral arrangements, working for YOU. Embalmed or not, as embalming process not always required.

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Our Pledge: "To assist clients, in these trying times, to obtain a truly memorable funeral whilst being cost effective. An experience that, with our coaching & purchases, presents a very personal service funeral to remember in saying Good-Bye."

A Team Masters «    is the place to learn, shop and save money on
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"We have a money saving Research Service. Our staff can offer savings on other essential funeral arrangements and services." Just ask to save so much more.

"Funeral Parlor showrooms (Dealers) usually charge premium prices for caskets and grave items. We offer that quality much more economically. In business since 1998,  our satisfied shoppers can and DO testify to all of the advantages of doing business with A TEAM MASTERS." Just ask us for referrals pls.We most often can show you how to save money on funerals too. 

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     YES,  a purchase of a funeral and burial is one of the most personal and rather expensive dealings a person will make in a lifetime. Taking the time here - the overwhelming majority of customers that do report back to us say that they found more satisfaction in getting what they wanted and at a huge price savings everytime.

 Saying:                       "We are thankful" we  made a call

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Just by doing  research and shopping the burial product and services here,  
                A variety of caskets size /style or budget offered, graveliners, markers, urns, etc.

  •  Customer service, attention to detail, compassion, experience, dependability and pricing are important as well as being knowledgeable about what the person's needs are.
  • A Team Masters provides every one above -- committed to be the BEST provider of funeral items.
  • Discounted sales of every complete funeral or burial need. Any and every quality funeral product. 
  •  If you are looking to us due to a death and an at need situation, we offer our sincerest condolences to your family, for your loss. Our firm will handle this very important purchase with care as we understand your funeral related needs.
  • Note: prices listed within this site are subject to change as needed with price increase (if any) from our manufactures.

       FTC REGULATES Funeral  Directors MUST(without discrimination) ACCEPT ANY "Burial Products, from oversize casket to little baby casket, or urn," or a  DIY       ( home made casket or coffin) that is delivered   to a funeral home address when purchasing any of a  mortician's services.   OR burial funeral product to cemetery --grave liners, vaults, markers or headstones are also regulated to open competition in THIS strict F.T.C. funeral rule for the consumer.   Get their book with detailshere!

Funeral Savings on coffins / casket, grave-liners, urns, urn vaults, headstones, & related , will be substantial for those who take advantage of  Buying and ěcalling on us at 800-595-1313,
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   Why pay highest retail at a funeral director's biz -    when on average our Direct to public savings here are often $800.00 - $1,500.00 or MORE! .

                    WE ACCEPT all forms of payment.  Please call anytime, 24/7 - 800-595-1313

             Also ALL of  The products are Shipped NATIONWIDE through out USA reciprocal links            A Team Master's experience in this death care industry trade leads us to be a strong  Consumer's Advocate for the public rights in this field.      
  Please see whole site for money saving tips, information and links. At A Team Master's we care, we do  understand & very effective in this field as well as sincere every concern is met. Feel free to call or Email  us for many unsolicited Testimonials / years of satisfied customers across the USA. WE really do shine in  this field of saving you money + tips for special ceremonies. >"Please Take Care of Yourself, Warmest Regards, Betty Brown, CEO."    eulogies are an important part of a funeral. /eulogy sample info.html An eulogy example 

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